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Spell: Summon Zombies
Spell: Summon Zombies

School: Charm

Spell Summon Duration (Seconds) Skeleton Health Health Stolen to Master Mana Cost Cooldown (Seconds)
Summon Zombies I40+10%5%2030
Summon Zombies II40+10%5%2530
Summon Zombies III40+10%5%3030
Summon Zombies IV40+10%5%3530
Summon Zombies V40+10%5%4030
Summon Zombies VI40+10%5%4530


Adding ranks to your Charm School Mastery increases the health of the zombies as well as the amount of health they steal. Upgrading the level of the spell increases the amount of damage the zombies do.


Calls up three zombies to fight at your side. They are fairly powerful, among the most powerful of the charm summon spells, and they also heal the summoner (e.g., you or your pet) a portion of the damage they do. The best summon spell.