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Spell: Summon Archers
Spell: Summon Archers

School: Charm

Spell Number of Archers Summon Duration (Seconds) Mana Cost Cooldown (Seconds)
Summon Archers I316205
Summon Archers II417255
Summon Archers III518305
Summon Archers IV620355
Summon Archers V722405
Summon Archers VI823455


Increasing your Charm School Mastery increases the damage the skeletons do.


This spell summons 3-8 archers to defend you. They are immobile but can provide a good distraction. At high ranks this spells is fairly weak in terms of damage, but no other spell gives you this many summons willing to annoy your enemies. Probably the best of the distracting summon spells, but not the best for damage.