The Witcher Locations - Temple Quarter
Temple Quarter

The Temple Quarter of Vizima is strangely reminiscent of a quarrelsome, dirty prostitute, who - despite her disagreeable appearance and personality - remains somehow alluring. This may be because of the uncomplicated, illicit entertainment it offers - always a temptation. Beggars, shady characters, scowling poor folk, frustrated nonhumans and, of course, "ladies" occupy every corner. Recently, Vizima's Temple Quarter was cut off from the rest of the world by the threat of an epidemic. The few City Guard patrols that come here try not to venture too far into the quarter's dark alleys, where brutal deeds take place each night. At the center of Vizima's Temple Quarter stands Saint Lebioda's Hospital, the only place of solace for the poor and plague victims. Alongside the hospital stand the headquarters of the Order of the Flaming Rose, which tries to combat local crime.