The Witcher Locations - Mage's Tower
Mage's Tower

"Ain Soph Aur" is a tome that details in a very tangled manner where to look for the Sephirot - stones which will open the tower in the swamp. The first stone is with a wise person. The second will come with freedom. The third stone is in the possession of someone wealthy, while a merciful person has the fourth. Three other stones are guarded by a girl, a mother and an old hag, and they can be obtained through sacrifice and prayer. The eighth Sephirah is hidden underground in the swamp and guarded by death. The ninth must be obtained by fighting its guardian, while the tenth and final will be a reward for tenaciously seeking the truth.

"The Secret Gates" recounts the story of the mage who built the tower in the swamp. To erect the building on marshland, the sorcerer had to tame the element of earth and protect the tower with spells. While delving into the secrets of magic, the sorcerer trifled with the forces of nature. The mage was betrayed by his beloved, a magical cataclysm ensued, catastrophe struck. The mage perished and all his works were sealed in the tower.