Atton Rand
Atton Rand
Disaster follows Atton Rand wherever he goes. While his primary talent is cheating death just long enough to stumble into the next crisis, Rand is also a skilled pilot, mechanic, gambler and liar. He thinks of self-preservation before all else; barring that, his most pressing concern is finding the next cantina with a Pazaak game. Initially imprisoned on Peragus, he is one of the first companions the player encounters.

Rand is a solid fighter. He possesses a wide range of armor and weapon proficiencies and non-combat skills, while his preservation instinct actually makes him stronger the more dire the situation becomes. So long as another party member is standing, Rand cannot be knocked down, and he will stave off unconsciousness and keep fighting if he has party support. This survival instinct also makes Rand very difficult to stun, paralyze or poison.

Class (Level)
Scoundrel (3)
Peragus Mining Facility, Prison
Vital Statistics
Skills (Includes Bonuses)
Strength: 12
Dexterity: 16
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 12
Vitality Points: 24
Force Points: n/a
Defense: 19

Fortitude: 5
Reflex: 8
Will: 3
Computer Use: 3
Demolitions: 4
Stealth: 7
Awareness: 5
Persuade: 1
Repair: 0
Security: 5
Treat Injury: 0
Force Powers

Armor Proficiency: Light
+ Armor Proficiency: Medium
Critical Strike
Sniper Shot
Weapon Proficiency: Blaster Rifle
Weapon Proficiency: Melee Weapons
Sneak Attack I
+ Sneak Attack II
Scoundrel's Luck (Unique to Atton)
Survival (Unique to Atton)
Spirit (Unique to Atton)

Starting Equipment

Atton's Ribbed Jacket
Mining Laser