Bestiary: Bitter Spirit (WM1)
Name: Bitter Spirit (Level 5 Spirit)

Endurance: 76
Accuracy: 43
Damage: 11-15 Shock
DR: 0

  • Might 7
  • Constitution 8
  • Dexterity 15
  • Perception 16
  • Intellect 15
  • Resolve 16
  • Deflection 58
  • Reflex 54
  • Fortitude 22
  • Will 54
  • Sneak Attack
Spite is among the most enduring of negative emotions. Hatred often cools over time. Sadness surrenders to acceptance. But the indignation brought about by cruelty, injustice, or even simple annoyance can infect the spirit and survive even beyond death.

So it is with bitter spirits, which exist as little more than an amalgam of resentful instincts, inclined to lash out at anyone they perceive, and unsatisfied until their victim has suffered and died. "Bitter spirits" is also the name of a homebrewed liquor popular in the rural areas of northern Dyrwood, and it can be described in much the same terms.