Bestiary: Battery Siren (Wm1)
Name: Battery Siren (Level 10 Spirit)

Endurance: 234
Accuracy: 61
Damage: 35-43 Crush
DR: 12 (Slash 18, Crush 18, Corrode 9)

  • Might 18
  • Constitution 26
  • Dexterity 8
  • Perception 16
  • Intellect 15
  • Resolve 12
  • Deflection 77
  • Reflex 75
  • Fortitude 113
  • Will 84
  • Shriek
  • Soul Binding
  • Battle Cry
  • Teleport
Sirens are believed to be manifestations of essence drawn together by some fervent longing or desire imprinted by its former host. They are commonly associated with the sea and with Ondra, as many stories of sirens entail navigational mishaps thought to have been caused by their irresistible call. In truth, however, sirens can be found anywhere the right conditions arise, and they are less dangerous for their call than for their earsplitting shriek.

They are said to most often take the shape of an alluring woman, regardless of the identity of the person or people who surrendered the essence, and the reasons for this are uncertain, though the most popular theory suggests that this was a preference of Ondra.