The Unfortunate Shopkeeper
Quest Information
Starting Location: Anvil Fighters Guild
Starting NPC: Azzan
Possible Reward(s): 500 Gold

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Once you've finished with the A Rat Problem quest for Azzan, he tells you that a local shopkeeper named Norbert Lelles has been having problems with thieves breaking into his fine establishment. You're to head over to Lelles' Quality Merchandise here in Anvil and see what you can do to help.

The front door to Lelles' store is locked tight, so you'll have to go around back. Speak with Norbert to learn that he has lost a great deal of merchandise over the last few months and that the thieves always come during the night while he's in bed. He asks that you guard his shop overnight for him while he waits next door at The Flowing Bowl.

Just after 11:00pm, three thieves will come sneaking in through the front door. Dialogue won't do you any good here, so you'll have to deliver punishment to the crooks the old fashioned way - with your weapon. Once all three thieves have been taken out, head next door to The Flowing Bowl and tell Norbert that the break-ins have been taken care of. He'll recognize their names as former employees of his. He apparently trusted them so much that he even had each of them opening the shop for him in the mornings, which explains how the thieves were able to get inside so easily. Norbert forks over 500 Gold for taking care of the problem, then sends you on your way.

If this is the third quest you've done for the Fighters Guild, then Azzan promotes you to Journeyman when you return to report your success. He'll then refer you to Vilena Donton in Chorrol, which triggers the Unfinished Business quest. However, if you haven't yet completed The Desolate Mine quest, then Azzan instead sends you to Cheydinhal to obtain your next contract from Burz gro-Khash.