The Purification
Quest Information
Starting Location: Fort Farragut
Starting NPC: Lucien Lachance
Possible Reward(s): Lucien's personal steed, Shadowmere

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When you reach Lucien as part of the Of Secret And Shadow quest, he will ask that you kill all seven members of the Cheydinhal sanctuary in an attempt to kill a traitor within the Dark Brotherhood. To aid you in this task, he will present you with a Poisoned Apple and a Scroll of Summon Rufio's Ghost. The former can be switched with a regular apple to kill the person who eats it, and the latter will summon the ghost of Rufio (the old man you killed to originally enter the Dark Brotherhood). Rufio is quite angry in death and will unleash it on your foes.

As you finish your conversation with Lucien, he will refer to you as "Silencer," so you've apparently earned a new rank. Search his chambers to find a barrel that contains several more of the Poisoned Apples, just in case you feel you might have use for additional help in the future. Leave the refuge via the ladder near Lucien to emerge through a trap door in a hollowed out tree. It's time to return to Cheydinhal and perform the ancient rite.

You're going to want to use some strategy when taking out the seven family members. Rufio's ghost will help quite a bit, so use it when you can maximize the effect and have at least a few of the members in the same room. If Ocheeva is sleeping, let's put her first on the hit list. Get a sneak attack in and take her down quickly while the door to her room is closed to avoid alerting anyone else. When she lies dead, search her corpse for more Shrouded Armor, another Abandoned House Key, and a note from Talaendril detailing her new posts outside of the sanctuary. If you can't find Talaendril anywhere in the vicinity, you'll need to refer to the note to track her down.

Vicente Valtieri can also be caught sleeping. If you've taken him up on his offer of a "dark gift" for the Darkness Eternal quest, you will get a message when he dies that you'll need to seek vampiric wisdom elsewhere. Search his corpse for a Claymore of Depletion and yet another Abandoned House Key. You may also want to loot his chest for four vials of Human Blood, just in case you ever need them as a vampire.

Antoinetta is a feisty one, but she'll drop soon enough if you get in a good sneak attack (or even quicker with the help of the Poisoned Apple or Rufio's ghost). Grab another suit of Shrouded Armor and two keys from her corpse, then continue your killing spree.

Teinaava likes to read, so use the opportunity to get in a few attacks on him before he has a chance to react. After you've sent his soul to the Void, ransack his body for a Shortsword of Depletion, Shrouded Armor, a Shrouded Hood, and more keys.

Avoid entering melee with Gogron gro-Bolmog if you can, and instead fire arrows or cast spells at him while he's in the training room. If you need Rufio's help, don't hesitate to use the scroll, as you might be able to catch another family member or two in the training room at the same time. When Gogron breathes no more, grab the Battle Axe of Sapping, keys, and armor (including some Greaves of the Flame) from his carcass, then move on to the next target.

M'raaj-Dar can be one of the more formidable opponents due to his spell casting, so he also makes a good choice for an apple or the scroll if you haven't already used them. If he's one of the last members left, though, you should be able to make use of the entire sanctuary to evade his attacks and bring him down strategically. You'll only find more keys and a couple of potions on his dead body, but at this point you're probably weighted down from the other loot anyway.

Like I mentioned earlier, Talaendril may or may not be in the sanctuary. For example, I completed this quest on Sundas (Sunday), and the letter she had sent to Ocheeva stated that she would be in the city of Leyawiin on that day. Pay a visit to wherever she's carrying out her duties for that day and slay her to complete the Purification. More Shortsword of Depletion, Shrouded Armor and another Shrouded Hood is yours for the taking, along with more keys and some other regular items.

With the cleansing complete, return to Lucien through the trap door at Fort Farragut. Lucien tells you that Sithis has been appeased and that you are to be acknowledged and rewarded for your loyalty to the Dark Brotherhood. You're invited to share in its secrets and are now considered Lucien's Silencer (though he already called you this at the end of the last quest). The quest now completed, Lucien presents you with a magnificent steed called Shadowmere. The horse is black as night and very fast, so unless you already own a Cheydinhal horse, this will probably be one of the best rewards you've received up to this point. Your next task for Lucien is entitled The Dead Drop.