Of Secret And Shadow
Quest Information
Starting Location: Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Starting NPC: Ocheeva
Possible Reward(s): None

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After ending the life of the Imperial pig Adamus Phillida in the Permanent Retirement quest, this new quest appears in your journal to remind you to speak with Ocheeva once again for another contract. Instead of your usual job, though, Ocheeva hands you some orders from Lucien Lachance himself. It seems that the Black Hand itself has a job for you, and you're to follow the instructions inside the sealed document.

When you open the document, you'll read some praise from Lucien, after which he'll ask you to proceed to his private refuge in the ruins of Fort Farragut. He doesn't say a whole lot about what the job entails, aside from the fact that there are "unseen powers working to unravel the very fabric of the Dark Brotherhood." Lucien promises to explain what he means, once you arrive in person. You are not to share the contents of the message to anyone, and are to leave immediately for the fort.

Fort Farragut is located just to the northeast of Cheydinhal. Lucien's private refuge is actually a series of caves guarded by undead and filled with deadly traps. Be careful as you make your way through, or you'll find yourself being ventilated by needles or crushed by falling rocks. When you reach the spike pit, you'll know you're on the right track. Circumvent the next couple of traps, as well as any other undead you meet, then open the gate leading into Lucien's private chambers.

Lucien tells you that you've been chosen specifically by the Black Hand to take care of a... situation. It seems that the Dark Brotherhood has been infiltrated and that there is a link between the traitor and the Cheydinhal sanctuary. Since you joined the Dark Brotherhood after the traitor was already known about, it absolves you from any suspicion. Therefore, the Black Hand has deemed that you carry out a Purification, or cleansing, and kill all seven family members that reside at the Cheydinhal sanctuary. This will initiate a whole new quest entitled The Purification.