Darkness Eternal
Quest Information
Starting Location: Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Starting NPC: Vicente Valtiere
Possible Reward(s): Vampirism

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After you have completed the The Assassinated Man quest for Vicente, he will extend an offer to pass along the "dark gift" of vampirism to you. If you accept his offer, Valtieri will ask you to rest within the sanctuary, during which time he will pay you a visit. When you wake up, both of you will share the same vampiric blood.

Do as Vicente asks and sleep within the Dark Brotherhood Living Quarters. When you awaken, you'll discover two bleeding pinpricks on your neck. From this point, you must wait a total of three days and then rest once again for the vampirism to manifest itself. After following these steps, you will awaken from a nightmare and will be fully transformed into a vampire. This will grant you special abilities, including enhancements to your attributes and skills, as well as a new lesser power called Hunter's Sight. This power allows you to cast Night-Eye and Detect Life for a duration of 30 seconds. In addition to these abilities, your skin will also turn pale and your eyes will glow a fiery red.

Once the full transformation into a vampire is complete, talk with Vicente about your new "gift." He will tell you that you and he are now kin and provide some helpful advice about being a creature of the night. True to standard vampire lore, you will now have to feed on human blood on a regular basis. You will also take damage when subjected to sunlight, though that particular effect will only happen if you've gone more than 24 hours without feeding. The longer you go without feeding, though, the stronger you will become.

If you ask Vicente about a cure for vampirism, he will direct you to Raminus Polus at the Arcane University. However, if you continue along the Dark Brotherhood quest line, you will eventually have to kill Vicente Valtieri during the The Purification quest. When you do, the quest will end prematurely stating, "Vicente Valtieri is dead. If I need further information on vampirism, I'll have to find it elsewhere..." If you do this before being directed to Raminus, don't worry. You can still speak to him about the cure without having Vicente tell you to.

You're certainly welcome to play the game as a vampire, but should you grow tired of feeding on hapless victims and traveling by night, pay a visit to Raminus in the Imperial City Arcane University. He will tell you that Count Hassidor in Skingrad has a "vested interest" in a cure for vampirism and would be able to help you more. This will initiate the Vampire Cure quest.