More Unfinished Business
Quest Information
Starting Location: Chorrol Fighters Guild
Starting NPC: Modryn Oreyn
Possible Reward(s): Leveled Ring, 500 Gold

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Now that you've taken care of The Master's Son, Modryn tells you that your old friend Maglir has defaulted on another Fighters Guild contract. He was supposed to report to a local mage in Bravil for a job, but never showed up. You're to travel to Bravil, track Maglir down, and make sure the contract gets taken care of.

When you arrive in Bravil, you'll find the weasel hanging out near the fireplace in the back of The Lonely Suitor Lodge. He has recently joined the Blackwood Company, and no longer wants any part of the Fighters Guild. If you told Modryn the truth (that Maglir refused to finish the job) at the end of the Unfinished Business quest, then he knows that you "ratted him out" and will not speak to you any further. However, if you covered for him, then he'll at least tell you that the contact for the contract is a mage named Aryarie at the Bravil Mages Guild.

Even if you can't get the contact name out of Maglir, it shouldn't be too tough to figure out. Modryn already told you that the client was a "local mage in Bravil", so the Mages Guild is obviously your next stop. You can also get the name directly from Oreyn, if you choose to return to Chorrol before moving on with the quest. Regardless of how you proceed next, you'll eventually find yourself in the Mages Guild speaking with Aryarie.

The mage is irritated that it took so long for someone from the Fighters Guild to show up, but she offers you the job nonetheless. You're to track down ten portions of Imp Gall for some research she is conducting. To help you with your task, she even suggests that you should visit Robber's Glen Cave to begin your search for the reagent.

Robber's Glen Cave can be found just a short jaunt to the northwest of Bravil. The cave will present you with plenty of imps to kill, each of which should relinquish one of the ingredients you need. Once you have all ten, return to Aryarie and hand them over. She's pleased that they're so fresh, and while she knows you'll be paid by your superiors, she still hands over a magical ring (such as a Grand Ring of Aegis) dependent on your level.

With the contract taken care of, return to Modryn and report your success. He's disappointed to hear that the Fighers Guild lost another member to the Blackwood Company, but still offers you 500 Gold for taking care of Aryarie. Before you can go spend your reward, Modryn asks to speak with you about the Blackwood Company. He tells you that ever since Ri'Zakar took over the band of mercenaries, they've become a threat to the guild. They've recently set up shop in Leyawiin, and Modryn wants you to investigate it. This triggers the Azani Blackheart quest and your advancement to the rank of Defender.