Azani Blackheart
Quest Information
Starting Location: Chorrol Fighters Guild
Starting NPC: Modryn Oreyn
Possible Reward(s): None

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At the end of the More Unfinished Business quest, Modryn tells you that the Blackwood Company needs to be investigated. When you inquire about what exactly he has in mind, he tells you that he cannot talk about it here at the guild. You're to meet him at his house after sundown so that you can discuss the matter privately.

Modryn lives in the southwest section of town, at the end of the main road that travels past the chapel. He didn't arrive there until roughly 11:00pm for me, so I wouldn't stop by until at least that time. When the late-night meeting begins, Modryn tells you all about the Blackwood Company and how they're destroying the Fighters Guild. They continue to steal the guild's contracts and members, and Modryn wants to make a move against them immediately.

Modryn suspects that something isn't quite right about the Blackwood Company. They seem to accept any contract and will do anything necessary to complete it. As an example, Modryn tells you that during the recent Azani Blackheart mission, the Fighters Guild lost fifteen men (including Vilena's son) trying to recover an artifact for a mage named Argoth. When they were unsuccessful, the Blackwood Company took over the contract and finished the job. Since then, Argoth is dead and the artifact has gone missing, which could mean that the Blackwood Company made a deal with Blackheart. Of course, all of this is speculation, so Modryn wants to look into the Blackwood Company without Vilena's permission. If you choose to join him, he tells you that the both of you will be leaving the Leyawiin Fighters Guild to investigate Blackheart's stronghold in Arpenia as soon as you're ready.

Fast-travel to Leyawiin and head into the town's Fighters Guild where Modryn is waiting for you on the balcony above the first floor. He doesn't have much to say here - he simply plans to follow you to the Ayleid ruin of Arpenia. Arpenia is located just off the main road to the northeast of Leyawiin, and your in-game compass should already be showing you exactly which direction to travel to get there.

Once inside the stone door leading into Arpenia's depths, you'll find that there is very little to impede your progress. Simple rats and mud crabs are the only creatures inhabiting the place and the only real danger are the various traps that are still active. Eventually, Modryn will strike up a conversation with you with a realization that the Ayleid ruin is empty and that Azani Blackheart isn't here. This only confirms that his suspicions were true - the Blackwood Company must have made a deal with Blackheart and gave up Argoth so that the artifact could be taken back. Modryn wants to find Blackheart and get the weapon so that he can prove to Cyrodiil what sort of organization the Blackwood Company is. To begin your search, he mentions that you should visit the nearby Ayleid ruin of Atatar.

Unfortunately, Oreyn insists that he leads you to Atatar, so the trip is agonizingly slow. When you finally arrive, you'll find that this Ayleid ruin is much more lively than the last. It is inhabited by bandits, and you'll have to dispatch a handful of them just to reach the first door leading to the Atatar Haelia Dagon level. Make your way through a few more bandits and a nasty trap on the second level until you reach a door leading to the Atatar Haelia Anga level. The third level is fairly small, but is home to even more bandits. Once you've dispatched the opposition here, continue on through the door leading into Atatar Loria.

Atatar Loria is where you'll finally encounter Azani Blackheart. With Modryn's help, this claymore-wielding Redguard shouldn't prove to be too much of a problem. When he finally lies dead, you'll receive a journal update and are able to loot Blackheart's Ring from his corpse. Grab the ring and hand it over to Modryn so that he can use it as proof that the Blackwood Company didn't defeat Azani themselves. After doing so, Oreyn immediately promotes you to the rank of Warder and tells you to report to Azzan or Burz gro-Khash for more contracts. Depending on which one you visit first, you'll either be participating in The Wandering Scholar quest or The Fugitives quest.