Fingers of the Mountain
Quest Information
Starting Location: Chorrol Mages Guild
Starting NPC: Teekeeus
Possible Reward(s): None

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In order to obtain the recommendation needed for the Mages Guild during the Chorrol Recommendation quest, Teekeeus will ask that you get rid of a woman named Earana who has recently come to town. She and Teekeeus have a turbulent past and he doesn't want her spreading lies about him - or so he says.

You'll typically find Earana pacing the area in front of the guild (she's the tall woman wearing a green dress) during normal daylight hours. Earana recognizes that you are different from other members of the Mages Guild and asks you to help her with a small matter. She's looking for a book called "Fingers of the Mountain" and would like your assistance in finding it. It won't be of any use to you since you can't read it, but she can decipher its contents and therefore will make it will worth your effort to find it for her. The book is located at an old ruin called Cloud Top, up in the mountains to the north of Chorrol.

Before ending the conversation, Earana demands that you tell nobody in the guild about the book. If you decide to tell Teekeeus anyway, he seems very surprised that Earana knows where the book is located. He proclaims that the book should be in safe keeping with the Mages Guild and tells you to "do the right thing" and bring it back to him instead of Earana once you find it.

Cloud Top turns out to be a fairly difficult journey to the northwest of Chorrol. You'll find it just to the east of the "l" in Highlands on the map. When you reach the ruins, search the charred remains of a body near the central pillar to find the book. Now it's just a matter of determining whether or not you want to give the book to Earana or Teekeeus. If you're willing to spend a little extra time on the quest, then it doesn't actually matter. Utilizing some basic thieving skills, you'll be able to capitalize on both of their rewards by turning the book in to both of them.

If you give the book to Teekeeus first, then you'll automatically achieve the recommendation you needed for the Chorrol Recommendation quest and this quest will come to a close. Teekeeus will then "ensure the book is kept safe" and immediately walk to the guild's third floor where he sets it inside his personal chest. If you then report to Earana and tell her that you gave the book to Teekeeus, she'll become very angry and demand that you break into the guild and steal the book back. She even promises to still give you the original reward if you do so. This will trigger the Fingers of the Mountain Part II quest.

If you give the book to Earana first, she'll ask that you return the following day so that she has time to translate it. This will also trigger the Fingers of the Mountain Part II quest.