Chorrol Recommendation
Quest Information
Starting Location: Chorrol Mages Guild
Starting NPC: Teekeeus
Possible Reward(s): Recommendation to Raminus Polus

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As long as you're not a wanted criminal, the Mages Guild will accept you into their ranks. However, in order to gain access to the Arcane University in Imperial City, you must visit each of the seven extended cities and receive a recommendation from the local Mages Guild representative.

In the case of Chorrol, that representative is Teekeeus. Teekeeus won't just write you a recommendation because it is "against protocols." To prove your loyalty to the guild, he asks you to clear up a small matter with a woman named Earana. Teekeeus and Earana have an unpleasant history and he knows that she has come to Chorrol in search of something. To earn your recommendation, Teekeeus wants you to find out what it is that she's after and figure out how to get rid of her. This will actually trigger the Fingers of the Mountain quest, so you'll want to refer to that walkthrough in order to complete the recommendation quest.

After you have obtained the book from Cloud Top, you just have to turn it in to Teekeeus to get the recommendation you need. You don't actually have to turn it in to him first, though. Instead, you can bring it to Earana and finish her side of the quest, then steal it back from her room at The Grey Mare and turn it in to Teekeeus as well. Either way earns you the recommendation and you're free to steal the book again from Teekeeus' chest on the third floor of the guild without jeopardizing your status with the Arcane University.