Fingers of the Mountain, Part II
Quest Information
Starting Location: Chorrol
Starting NPC: Earana
Possible Reward(s): Finger of the Mountain Spell

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If you gave the book to Earana first during the original Fingers of the Mountain quest, then this quest will be available to you immediately. However, if you gave the book to Teekeeus first, then you won't actually get this quest until you return to Earana and tell her that you gave the book to Teekeeus. If you chose the latter route, Earana will demand that you steal the book back from Teekeeus. Head back into the Mages Guild once again and sneak into Teekeeus' room on the third floor. Steal the book from his chest, then return it to Earana. This will continue the quest as if you had initially handed it over to her instead of Teekeeus.

Once the book is in Earana's hands, she will ask that you return the following day so that she has time to translate it. Give her the time she needs, then speak with her once again to learn that she wrote down a passage from the book that you might find useful. The instructions will allow you to acquire a "very special power" that she feels is an adequate reward for bringing her the book. Read Earana's notes to learn that a section of pillar back at Cloud Top has been infused with significant power. The scribblings suggest that the pillar will react to shock magic and that a Welkynd Stone is necessary to harness the stone's power. You'll need to find one of the stones and then return to Cloud Top to cast a shock spell at the pillar. According to the scribbles, doing so will reward you with "powers of shock unattainable through other means."

Welkynd Stones can be found by searching Ayleid ruins. If you haven't already acquired one, try searching the Hrotanda Vale, Lipsand Tarn, Lindai, or Wendir ruins within reasonable distances from Chorrol. Lipsand Tarn might be the most convenient, since it's located just to the northeast of Cloud Top. Once you have a stone in your possession, pay a visit to the pillar where you originally found the "Fingers of the Mountain" book. When you cast a shock spell at it, you will be struck by lightning and will automatically receive the Finger of the Mountain Spell. Depending on your level, the new spell may be one of the most devastating destruction spells in your repertoire. You may want to shield yourself against electricity before performing this ritual, though, since the lightning that strikes you can do some serious damage.