Bruma Gate
Quest Information
Starting Location: Cloud Ruler Temple
Starting NPC: Jauffre
Possible Reward(s): +5 Leadership ;)

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So, this really is the first step to the last part of the game: show Captain Burd and his guards the way to close an Oblivion gate by taking them with you. Just outside the eastern gate of Bruma is an oblivion gate with Captain Burd and several guards waiting for you. Burd approaches as you arrive and asks for a moment with his men. Then after asking whether you're ready, charges into the Oblivion gate. There are a few daedra on the way to the gate you'll want to dispatch of first, and then through the gate you'll have a brief respite.

If you want this to be easier, try keeping Burd and his guards alive for the extra damage they do to daedra. Especially in the first fight which will be with several daedra, the extra hands can be of great assistance. I managed to keep Burd and one Guard along with me the entire way, but it's only possible if you have a Convalescence (heal target) spell handy. Otherwise, don't worry about it. Burd manages to stay alive even if he falls down and can be of some assistance at least in the beginning of every battle if you lose the guards.

Follow this Oblivion plane around counterclockwise and when you're due north, begin heading south and west toward the center of the island and the citadel. The entrance is on the southwest side. Beware of the spinning defense turrets that hit you with fireballs when you're nearby. Enter the Fury Spike and then take the exit to the Rending Halls. Follow the path up and then take the east exit up again until you're as high as you can go, then take the central exit back to the Fury Spike (whereas the exit one level below also to the Fury Spike led to a dead end). Ascend the side walls and exit into the Corridors of Dark Salvation.

Once here, take either path and follow it up, perform a u-turn and then up again to the upper level which has another exit to the Fury Spike (the place with the lava flowing upward). Again take the side ramps up until you find the locked (but manageable, even without the Sigil Keeper nearby) doors to Sigillum Sanguis. Once inside, you know the drill. Defeat the daedra last line of defense in the circular chamber, head up the stairs, defeat more daedra, up some stairs and then take the Sigil Stone, which transports you back outside of Bruma, with Burd's thanks. Now it's time to go and see Jauffre and Martin for your next quests, though it's highly recommended you stick with the walkthrough before trying Martin's. See Allies for Bruma for more details. The other quest you receive is Defense of Bruma (from Martin), but you'll want to be at the top of your game for that.