Blood of the Daedra
Quest Information
Starting Location: Cloud Ruler Temple
Starting NPC: Martin
Possible Reward(s): Powerful Daedric Artifact(s)

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After talking with Martin, he's ready to tell you more about the Mysterium Xarxes. Martin believes he'll be able to perform a ritual to get into Cmoran's paradise realm, and requires the Blood of the Daedra. He suggests you read through a copy of Modern Heretics to find out about the Daedric Shrines in Cyrodiil. There should be one on his table in the Great Hall. After reading the book, you learn the location of the Shrine of Azura, which if you consult your map, is marked near the upper northeast corner of the map, straight up from the Dagon Shrine cave you were at a couple quests ago.

Now, the goal of this quest is to bring a Daedric Artifact to him, but it doesn't have to come from the Azura Shrine. In fact there are many similar shrines, each with their own quest and very powerful reward detailed in our Daedric Quests section. You are free to do any or all of them as long as you take one of the rewards to Martin afterward (at any time). My personal recommendation is to visit the Azura shrine marked on your map since you can fast travel to the Lake Arrius cave just south, and head north to the shrine. There will be three non-hostile people there, so don't attack (like I did... which turned out alright when he just went temporarily unconscious). Speak with Mels Maryon and you'll learn you need to come at dusk or dawn with a Glow Dust offering to Azura.

If you are here because of the main quest, there should be three glowing Will-0-Wisps nearby to the northeast of the shrine. Defeat any of them and you'll receive it. Rather than detailing the short quest here when we have it written already, I'll refer you directly to our Azura daedric shrine quest page. Keep in mind that the reward is a powerful unlimited supply Grand Soul Gem named Azura's Star. If you do any enchanting, you'll probably want to keep it and instead pick another shrine with a lesser item to turn in.

My recommendation if you wear Heavy Armor is Hircine's shrine, just south of Imperial City, in which the reward is a Light Armor chest piece. Check our Daedric Quests section for that quest as well. One additional thing of note. When you go up against the unicorn a short distance away (to the southeast of the shrine), it will be guarded by three minotaurs. I'd single them out when they're far enough away from the unicorn, draw them near you with a bow or spell, defeat them one at a time and then go in for the kill. Picking off the Unicorn alone of course is possible but perhaps easier to just defeat the minomen.

When you have your Daedric Artifact (and they are some of the most powerful items and weapons in the game if you check our quest page), head back up to Cloud Ruler Temple and talk with Martin. This is where the Main Quest branches off into a slightly less linear path, with two possible (but required) quests you can choose to work on at any time. We offer the Blood of the Divines quest first because it is a continuation of the one you were just on. Simply talk to Martin about the armor of Tiber Septim to begin. Your other choice is Bruma Gate, which you will also have to complete at some point before moving on with the Main Quest.