Blood of the Divines
Quest Information
Starting Location: Cloud Ruler Temple
Starting NPC: Martin
Possible Reward(s): None

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After returning your first Daedric artifact to Martin, he'll tell you about the second part of his ritual which requires the blood of the divine. Now speak with Jauffre about the armor of Tiber Septim, and he'll reveal the location of the armor as well as give you a key to its door. It lies in an old ruin called Sancre Tor, which is north of Chorrol and now marked on your map. It's a fairly big dungeon with lots of wraiths, so unless you're a pure spellcaster, I'd advise getting one of your swords or other weapons enchanted to help you deal with them. If you've done the Chorrol mages guild initiation quest, you can simply fast travel to Cloud Top not too far away from Sancre Tor, else simply head north from Chorrol or from another of your nearby pre-visited locations.

When you arrive, you'll find several undead in the area, liches and skeletons (melee and ranged) outside, and a circular keep that marks the entrance to Sancre Tor. Enter its courtyard and head on in through the door that you'll unlock with the key Jauffre gave you. This first level is simply called Sancre Tor and here's what you'll need to do to complete the entire thing. Defeat each of four Undead Blades (skeleton warriors that are tougher than your average skeleton) and together they'll then take the enchantment that guards the armor, at which point you can grab it. Each of the four Undead Blades reside in a new area of the dungeon, but it's fairly linear so there won't be many puzzles to solve.

Make your way clockwise around Sancre Tor and you'll eventually climb stairs, defeat a couple more undead (wraiths or ghosts, usually) and confront your first Undead Blade, who you won't miss as he's glowing. I found him to be the equivalent to an above average creature in strength at level 22, and I am sure he is leveled, so don't sweat these battles. They bring nothing out of the ordinary to their attacks. When he's defeated you'll be confronted by his now-free spirit called the Ghost of Rielus who then lets you know about the three others you'll have to defeat as well. Continue following the linear passages until you enter the Entry Hall.

After a couple of wraith/ghost battles, I suggest beginning with the northwest exit to the Hall of Judgement. At your first fork head right and then follow the linear path to its conclusion, another Undead Blade. Defeat it to release the Ghost of Casnar and then backtrack until you are back at the fork, and then take the left path instead, leading you to a not too far door of the Catacombs. Enter.

When you enter the Catacombs this way, you'll be at the end of the dungeon and the Undead Blade will be in a nearby room. Defeat it (releasing the Ghost of Alain) and decide for yourself if you'd rather plunder the entire thing or head back through the end door into the Hall of Judgement and then back to the Entry Hall (much shorter). I chose to plunder it simply for completeness sake as it's about the same size as the rest.

Whichever way you choose, you'll end up back in the Entry Hall. Your next objective is the Prison exit on the east side of the room. Follow its path until you climb some stairs and confront the named skeleton "Warden Kastav". Defeat him and take his key which unlocks the nearby door, then follow the series of corridors east then south, each one with a number of offshooting arms for cells. When traveling south, if you head all the way to the most southern room and need to rest, you'll find a bedroll for that purpose. I slept soundly without interruption.

At the intersection just north of that room head east again, then north at the first intersection. In the next large room is the last Undead Blade. When you've defeated him and released the Ghost of Valdemar, backtrack to the Entry Hall, then take the south exit to the Tomb of the Reman Emperors. You're almost done.

You should be finished fighting by this point and all that's left is to watch as the four spirits of the blades take away the enchantment, then march down the corridor and pick up the Armor of Tiber Septim. Head back through to exit Sancre Tor, then fast travel to Cloud Ruler Temple to report your success to Martin. If you haven't yet completed the Bruma Gate quest yet, you certainly can do this now, although I suggest carrying on with the next mission to this line called Miscarcand.