Fallout: New Vegas Interview

The guys at GameSauce have published excerpts from an interview they did with Obsidian's Josh Sawyer about the development of Fallout: New Vegas, what content they brought over from Van Buren, how the modding community inspired them, and more.
During the development of New Vegas, Sawyer's team also noticed some useful game adaptations created by the Fallout 3 mod scene. Looking at the trends of what more hardcore players enjoyed in those mods, the New Vegas team took some of those ideas and implemented them in their own game. (Some modders just do brilliant work, period,) Sawyer admits.

(A lot of modders are working against the limitations of the engine. They don't have access to the source code and so have to basically make what they can with what they have.) The most important mods the team looked at were the ones that improved the player's weapon modification, the healing process and the process of game difficulty. Nobody was hired directly from the Fallout 3 modding community as a result. However, an Oblivion modder called Jorge Salgado, known for his Oscuro overhaul of Oblivion was hired at the start of 2010 to work on New Vegas. (He brought along a lot of tricks that he had learned a long the way to the team, which was pretty cool,) Sawyer says.