Text Adventures In The Age Of Decadence

Project lead Vince pens an editorial on RPGWatch taking us through the text adventure sequences that will be available in his upcoming title, Age of Decadence. Spoiler warning, obviously.
Option #1 is the main entrance. You can talk to Dellar, Antidas' man in charge of fucking with people and keeping the enemies of the House at bay. He will offer you a traditional "prove yourself first and then, if you're still alive, which is doubtful, I'll let you in" way in via two quests. Alternatively, there are three more quest-related ways to gain entrance - certain side quests may attract or require Antidas' attention.

Option #2 is a "guards only" entrance, which leads to a guard house within the compound.

Option #3 is the left wall of the compound - a lone guard posted near it would have to be dealt with first.

Option #4 is the tall palisade protecting the right wall of the compound.

In other words, you can get in by doing different quests, by talking your way through, by assassinating guards who are in your way (outside and within the compound, if you are a dude that bad), and sneaking/climbing/lockpicking. It seems like we've covered all logical options.