Disciples III: Renaissance Review

Another mediocre review for .dat's Disciples III: Renaissance has reached the Internet, and this time it's WorthPlaying doling out the criticism. A score of 5.5/10 goes with this conclusion:
The overriding question is whether or not Disciples III: Renaissance is worth the gargantuan amount of time you can put into it. It's desperately inferior to both the excellent King's Bounty and the game's own predecessor, Disciples II, and if you haven't played either of these, then they and the Heroes of Might & Magic titles would provide more entertainment. Even if you have played everything else, I still can't recommend Disciples III in any real way. For everything the game gets right the RPG-esque leveling, the unit designs, the way the overworld visuals change based on who owns the territory, the oh-so-important One More Turn feeling it gets so much wrong in so many basic ways. There's the poor AI, the unskippable 15-second casting animations, the complete inability to trust the auto-battle function, the bugs, the sloppiness, and the nagging feeling that it's not quite finished. It's far from the worst HoMM-alike out there, but Disciples III has far too many flaws to recommend, and considering the excellent alternatives, there is little reason to pick it up.