Mythos Pyromancer Class Detailed

Frogster Interactive has updated the Mythos Europe website with information about the Pyromancer, the first playable character class that's been "officially" revealed for the action MMORPG. Along with some new imagery and videos, we get some brief blurbage on the profession's three skill trees:
This close-combat skill tree engulfs the Pyromancer's weapon in flames. The Cinderblade mage directly faces his enemies before they are devoured by his flames.

When a pyromancer specialises in this skill tree he becomes a classic mage. He fights back his foes with fiery magic from a great distance and makes their lives a living hell.

He summons his minions from the infernal depths and lets them fight for him against his adversaries and with his impressive area damage he can annihilate large groups of opponents in one fell swoop.