Arcania: Gothic 4 Demo on September 24th, Pre-order Promotions Announced

Not only has JoWooD hammered down September 24th as the debut date for their playable Arcania: Gothic 4 demo (on PC and Xbox 360), but they've also announced a handful of pre-order promotions that'll get you into the game for 15% less than everywhere else. The press release:
ArcaniA Gothic 4 Demo Date and Pre-Order Discounts Announced

Hone Your Skills, Fight off Demons and Prepare for a Bloody Battle Fueled by Vengeance

Toronto, ON, September 3rd 2010: Today DreamCatcher Games and JoWooD Entertainment officially confirm the release date of the demo version of ArcaniA Gothic 4 for September 24th, 2010 for Xbox 360 and PC. After thousands of gamers had the chance to play it at GamesCom 2010 in Cologne, Germany for the first time, the demo version will now be released for all fans and the rest of the gaming community.

The demo comprises the first two hours of the game and shows the beginning tutorial level on Feshyr Island featuring selected quests. Fight off demons, hone your skills and prepare for a bloody battle fueled by vengeance. Get your first taste of ArcaniA: Gothic 4.

DreamCatcher has started discounted ArcaniA Pre-order activities! Check out some details below.

Preorder Information und discounts in detail:

JoWooD eShop

Gamersgate 15% discount

Stardock Impulse 15 % Discount

Steam ArcaniA + Gothic 3 in an excellent-priced Bundle

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