Neverwinter Interview

For the latest on Cryptic's forthcoming entry into the Neverwinter Nights franchise, you'll have to make a pit stop at Voodoo Extreme for a Q&A with COO Jack Emmert. A couple of questions and their answers to start you off:
VE: In your press release you also mentioned that you are working closely with R. A. Salvatore in creating the game. Is he going to be heavily involved in the project?

Jack Emmert: He is writing a trilogy that's set in Neverwinter and from a storyline perspective much of our game ties in to what his novel is doing. So from that standpoint we've had many creative meetings back and forth. We're taking his novel and his characters and seeing how we can thread that into our game. It's a cooperative thing where he's got his novels and he's been happy to share ideas back and forth. Obviously with Wizards of the Coast too, we've been in story meetings, hashing things out. He's a brilliant author and I don't want to say that Cryptic is in any way setting the storylines for his trilogy. It's more like he has some great ideas and stories for Neverwinter.


VE: How similar / different is Forge going to be from the Aurora toolset of NWN?

Jack Emmert: I would say it's completely different because this is our tool and we're kind of starting from a different philosophical point. We're trying to create a robust set of tools but at the same time you won't need a high degree of technical proficiency. It's still a pretty elaborate toolset but you don't have to tinker with the server and all that because we already have that taken care of.

From that standpoint, we're trying to lower the bar of entry so that everyone who has ever wanted to create their own D&D campaign can do so.