GamesRadar's Feature Request for Mass Effect 3

GamesRadar has cranked out a list of features and other additions that they'd like to see in BioWare's next Mass Effect sequel. After exploring the galaxy with the "perfect" Miranda, I'd have to agree that the face behind Tali's mask should have a little shock value:
The Quarian mechanist was one of the most popular members of Shepard's crew, but even though you got to romance her in Mass Effect 2, you never got to see her face. That's why we're betting that you you'll get to see what she really looks like in Mass Effect 3.

We just hope that when you finally lift the veil from her face, she doesn't turn out to be too pretty. Here's the thing. Tali is smart, she's funny, and she's kind of geek when it comes to ship technology. So she's pretty much the perfect in-game soul mate for anyone who's been following an RPG trilogy for about five years. If you're like us, your love for Tali is more pure than an un-played NES in mint condition; it just transcends simple physical attraction. So making her gorgeous in a traditional sense would just ruin everything, because you've already grown to like her without having a clue as to what she really looks like.

At the very least, Tali needs some kind of horrible skin condition and perhaps a disturbing lip scar, something weird enough to make her shy about unmasking, but not so hideous that you'll wind up racing through your radial menus for the option to back out of the conversation.