Mythos Gadgeteer Class Details and Q&A

Along with kicking out details about the Marksman skill tree available to the Gadgeteer class, Ten Ton Hammer has provided us with a brief interview with Mythos project manager Demian Moreno about the firearm-wielding profession.
Ten Ton Hammer: So you've now revealed the Marksman skill tree for the Gadgeteer. What is the focus of this skill tree and how does it empower Gadgeteers?

Demian Moreno: The Marksman tree is all about guns. No other skill tree in the game offers so many ways to modify and enhance your ranged weapons' damage. Marksman skills can increase your guns' range, damage, and rate of fire, or even add stun, pierce rows of enemies, cause AOE fire damage, ricochet off of walls, poison enemies and fire multiple bullets. It is a ton of fun to shoot off a hail of bullets and find monsters dying off screen from your various effects!

This skill tree can be both challenging and rewarding because so much of your damage output relies on your gear. It is easy to grab a skill or two from another tree to increase your survivability, or better yet bring a friend along that can help provide some cover so you can fully unleash pain on your enemies.