Arcania: Gothic 4 Preview

Hooked Gamers is next in line with a GamesCom-based preview of Arcania: Gothic 4, which covers a lot of the basics while also including a small amount of commentary from JoWooD's Clemens Schneidhofer.
As your character gains experience, skill points can be spent to upgrade your character. Each level adds 3 points to spend towards increasing your skills in areas such as melee or ranged combat and magic. Spending enough points in one specific area will unlock special moves or skills like for instance the Bashing Blow that stuns close by enemies for a short period. Spellcasters can upgrade their skills in areas such as fire and cold magic, their effectiveness improving slowly with every point spent. In combat, patient magic users can charge up their spell for maximum damage or wear enemies down with a barrage of quickly cast bolts and balls.

Even with an estimate 35-60 hours of gameplay, Clemens deemed it highly improbable that anyone would be able to achieve enough skill points to max out in every area. To experience all the options the game has to offer, one has to start again and choose a different upgrade path.