Neverwinter Interview, Part One

The MMO enthusiasts over at ZAM have scored their own interview with Cryptic's Jack Emmert about Neverwinter, though they're going to lay it on us as a multi-part feature. From part one:
ZAM: There has been some confusion within the gaming community about Neverwinter's gameplay style; it's not exactly an MMO, yet it's not just a PC-RPG with multiplayer support. You've called it an "online multiplayer game" in interviews, which is a pretty broad term.

Jack Emmert: We look at it like a cooperative RPG. You get online, meet a handful of other people or game with your friends; we're not looking at zones which support hundreds of people. They're going to be smaller in scale to keep with the heroic skill, so that you, as an individual, feel like an intrinsic, important part of everything that happens. But at same time you're still going to be running across other people delving into the depths of Neverwinter there are other adventurers in the world.

Unlike, say, Borderlands or some of the other [co-op] games; not that they haven't done this, but we're really focusing [on the fact] that it's an online, persistent game and we're going to be adding content to it continually just as we've done with our traditional MMOs. So imagine taking the traditional MMO model of adding new content continually as opposed to every once in awhile coming out with DLC [downloadable content] and very explicitly laying out plans for continual growth and marrying that with traditional RPGs, with the additional layer of being able to play with groups of other people. scores of other people, instead of hundreds, in a persistent zone.