Mythos Bloodletter Class Details and Q&A

In addition to providing us with details on two of the skill trees available to the Bloodletter class, Ten Ton Hammer brings us a well-rounded interview with Mythos project manager Demian Moreno about the strengths of the class, the current state of the game's beta, and more. This page will get you started in the right direction:
Ten Ton Hammer: We've talked about this a bit, but how does the Bloodletter fit into a group? Can you give us some examples of roles - both commonplace and less common roles - a Bloodletter might fulfill in a group?

Demian: One very common role for the Bloodletter is a tank role, initiating combat and soaking up aggro. By mixing skills from the different trees or focusing just on Martialist and Crimsonate, you can get quite a tough character with a lot of defensive skills and healing. Battles tend to be very hectic and fast, so if you have a Pyromancer and a Gadgeteer that can't stand still for very long, they won't have as much of an opportunity to blow off their skills unless a Bloodletter intervenes.

A different way of playing them is as an AoE master. Between you, the Gadgeteer, and the Pyromancer, you'll have so much AoE that you can demolish legions of enemies fairly quickly. Because of your additional effects like blinding or slowing, you can use them as a bit of a crowd control character as well.

Also, there's the pure damage dealer. If you go one-on-one with these enemies, you can take on the very strongest enemies face-to-face, whereas the Gadgeteer and the Pyromancer tend to have to run away.


Ten Ton Hammer: One of everyone's favorite things about action RPGs is the fact that they typically pour on the loot. We know that there is going to be a microtransaction-basis for items in the game, but I was wondering if you could tell us a little bit about itemization in Mythose, and where the dividing line is between Bana Cash purchasable goods and loot you'll earn in game?

Demian: One of the main draws of action RPGs hearkening back to the Diablo series is randomly generated loot. All of the loot in Mythos is randomly generated, except for things like quest loot. A lot of the game revolves around the hunt for better loot, the skills that you're building, and the path that you take. There's also a lot of gems and enchantments, plus material components for an intricate crafting system to create some of the best gear in the game. The Bana Cash items will give you a boost in the game, whether it's XP potions, better drop rates, etc. To be honest, that's still in flux at the moment. That's a major focus of the open beta going on in Korea right now. It's something I can't speak to in-depth, but it'll be along the traditional lines - a boost here, a service there, inventory space, etc.