Might & Magic Heroes VI Interview

The folks at Meodia caught up with Ubisoft producer Erwan Le Breton at this week's GamesCom for a brief Q&A about their newly announced Heroes of Might and Magic sequel.  I'm never going to get used to this name change: 
5. Why did you choose Black Hole to develop Heroes VI? What did they bring on this project?

[Erwan] They had two great fantasy strategy games at their credit: Armies of Exigo and Warhammer: Mark of Chaos. For the latter, they worked very closely with Games Workshop, so they knew what it meant to develop a game within a specific franchise. They also had a solid in-house engine, perfect for Heroes VI. Obviously, they impressed us as experienced, talented and passionate people during our first encounter. Something they more than confirmed during the game's development! Last, but not least, they are huge fans of the Heroes series.


12. Will it be PC exclusive?

[Erwan] Heroes 6 will remain a PC-game only. However, we're considering a Mac version.