City of Heroes Going Rogue Released

Paragon Studios' downloadable "Going Rogue" expansion pack for City of Heroes and City of Villains was released this morning, and we have a large batch of screenshots and the official launch trailer to prove it. Indulge:

And the announcement:
City of Heroes® is the world's most popular super-powered MMO

This summer, the City of Heroes franchise once again redefines the MMO market by giving players the freedom to face game-changing moral decisions. To date, more than two million players have realised their comic book dreams by becoming Heroes and Villains in thriving Paragon Cityâ„¢ and the shadowy Rogue Islesâ„¢. The upcoming free expansion, City of Heroes Going Rogueâ„¢, adds the Rogue and Vigilante game alignments so that players can explore the shades of grey between Hero and Villain. For the first time in any super-powered MMO, a player character's moral choices affect gameplay experience and determine that character's ultimate destiny.

Paragon Studiosâ„¢ and NCsoft® have worked tirelessly to continue the success of the City of Heroes franchise. Continual updates containing revolutionary features have ensured that City of Heroes has remained at the forefront of MMO innovation. With six years' worth of free content and a raft of upcoming features, it's easy to see why so many players have made City of Heroes the most popular super-powered MMO.

Franchise Highlights

'¢ #1 Comic Book - Inspired MMO Played by more than 2 million gamers.

'¢ Critically Acclaimed A Metacritic score of 85, as well as numerous awards and high scores.

'¢ 18 Free Content Updates With up to 3 free major updates a year for the last 6 years, players are treated to more playable content than any other super-powered MMO. Recent free updates have introduced new story arcs, new maps, Doppelganger technology and Ultra Mode, a completely revitalised graphics engine that rivals even the most recent entries to the genre, enabling players to become more immersed in the City of Heroes universe.

'¢ Amazing Customisation In addition to offering 12 Archetypes to choose from, players also decide whether to become a Hero, Villain, Rogue or Vigilante. City of Heroes is one of the first MMOs to enable players to create truly distinctive characters, offering billions of costume and power combinations, so they can change the size, shape and appearance of their characters as well as the look and functionality of their characters' powers.

'¢ Create Your Own Stories Mission Architectâ„¢, the powerful storytelling tool, marks the first time in MMO history that players have been given the power to create and share their own custom missions and story arcs, thus generating an unprecedented and limitless amount of user-generated content for the City of Heroes community.

'¢ Team with Others One of the greatest strengths of City of Heroes is its strong community and multiplayer support, including the ability to form Super Groups and create fortresses and bases. Advanced gameplay features, such as sidekicking (allowing players of all levels to play together) and level pacting (allowing players to earn XP even when off-line), elegantly support the social nature of this ground-breaking MMO.