IGN's Top 100 Star Wars Characters

IGN has obviously spent quite a bit of time putting together a new "Top 100 Star Wars Characters" feature, as each character profile comes complete with artwork and at least a 2-3 paragraph profile. Of interest to Knights of the Old Republic fans are Darth Traya (#81), Darth Sion (#73), Bastila Shan (#62), Darth Nihilus (#56), Canderous Ordo (#52), HK-47 (#38), Darth Malak (#28), and Darth Revan (#12):
At its height, the Old Republic reigned over a very chaotic galaxy, as Jedi and Sith alike were plentiful and frequently at war. Several powerful leaders emerged to untie the Sith against their enemies, but none as powerful and respected as Darth Revan. Even 4000 years later, Revan's name is spoken in hushed whispers by Jedi and Sith alike.

As a member of the Jedi, Revan was a powerful and charismatic figure who attracted legions of followers. He forced the Jedi to intervene in the Mandalorian Wars, emerging as the hero of the conflict in the end. However, after a journey to the far edge of the galaxy and an encounter with the Sith, Revan returned as Darth Revan. He and his apprentice, Darth Malak, shared the goal of harnessing the Star Forge and ruling the galaxy. But like any good Sith apprentice, Malak took his chance to kill Revan and take command for himself.

Or so he thought. This betrayal led to one of the greatest twists in all of gaming. The player's character's character in Knights of the Old Republic - a mysterious, amnesic soldier - is actually Revan. After discovering the truth about himself over the course of the game's storyline, Revan confronted Malak at the heart of the Star Forge and prevented all-out catastrophe. The scourge of the galaxy became its savior.

Revan managed to redeem himself, just like another once-feared Sith Lord. Following Malak's defeat Revan disappeared somewhere into the vast cosmos on a mission to combat the "true" Sith. The only traces he left behind are a few scattered holocrons. With Star Wars: The Old Republic taking place a few hundred years later, we can only hope that Star Wars fans are about to learn what really became of the mighty Darth Revan.