Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Revisited

After returning to Warhammer Online from an eleven-month hiatus, one of the guys at Tap Repeatedly has given us a fresh perspective on the additions and tweaks that Mythic has made to the game over the past year.
On the topic of leveling, Mythic have implemented concentrated zoning. Originally when a player made a character, dependent on the race chosen, you began your adventures in the race's respective starting zone. As a Dwarf, you would have spawned in the Dwarf/Greenskin pairing for example. However, to bring new players together instead of spreading them thinly over three lands (High Elves/Dark Elves, Dwarf/Greenskin, Empire/Chaos) all players now begin life in the Empire/Chaos zones.

This is a clever move by Mythic. It gives a great impression of the starting zone (bearing in mind the majority of the 300,000 subscribers are already level capped), it allows for a bustling area of Realm vs. Realm combat, questing, grouping, and Player Quests, and most of all it allows for users to really experience what WAR is all about. In another great step, all new players are automatically placed into a beginners guild. Meaning you can chat, group and organise straight from the get go (is there any wonder no one upgrades from the Endless Trial?!) while many of the quests have been adjusted to reflect this new game design.