Frayed Knights Development Update

Rampant Games' Jay Barnson has slapped up another development update for Frayed Knights that seems to suggest that the party-based RPG is drawing somewhat closer to completion.
Now we get to try and pull the first game together as a whole and see how it hangs together. There are going to be balance issues. Lots of balance issues. Story issues. Transitions that just don't work. Inconsistencies. And lots and lots of bugs that aren't noticeable when you are just testing the game in chunks.

So what's that mean to you? When's the release date? How soon am I going to be bringing more external testers on board? How soon will the second and third games be released?

I don't have exact answers to those questions, I'm afraid. Content has become an issue again (like when WASN'T it?), and I don't have the artistic skills to do it myself or the money to needed to get it done quickly. I can take a few months off to work on my own character-modeling and dungeon-making skills, but . well, that wouldn't be quick, either. Even that might prove a faster path to completion in the long run for all three games.