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Iron Tower Studios' lead artist Oscar replies to an inquiry to the current status of Age of Decadence. Seems it is close to release, but no release date given.
All content is done. We are going over everything and making it as "final" as possible. For example, all models and textures for the game are done, and 95% of the levels (I only need to add some filler like vegetation, trash, etc. in Ganezzar, the rest are completely done). So what I'm doing is optimizing everything, fixing some things I did wrong in the past, and making all models and locations final.

Same goes for some of the older quests. Some were extremely simple, and we added some options to them. Also improving some of the writing. For example, the old Loremaster vignette was pretty straightforward, no checks, nothing. So we added a couple of checks for lore and persuasion, which create different results, and improved the description and writing.

So yes, we are going over everything polishing all the rough edges, improving the weakest parts, and also working on optimizing the engine. It's going to take a while, due to being a small team and some of us working part-time, but we are going very well.
It's easy to forget how small a team they have and thus be impatient at the long-lasting "almost done" status, but I for one certainly appreciate how they wish to polish and polish their first release. First impressions last a long time, even in this industry.