Borderlands v1.31 Patch Outlines Fourth Set of DLC

Thanks to some guy on the official Borderlands forums, we pretty much know anything and everything about Gearbox's plans for a fourth set of DLC to the FPS/RPG hybrid. The premise:
Basically the ninja claptrap was created by Hyperion to stop the vault hunters from taking all the guns and treasure etc... but was too clever, he saw other claptraps being 'enslaved' and 'killed' - he wanted it to stop so he started a claptrap revoloution. Now Hyperion have asked the vault hunters to help them stop the claptrap uprising and return things back to normal but the claptraps have gone about... re-animating dead people and adding claptrap robot parts to them to fight in their army. Some of the people re-animated include Dr Ned. Commandant Steele and General Knoxx.

Prompted by the spoiler-heavy leak, IGN spoke with Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford about its validity:
Information about the mission types, quests, characters, you name it, were all revealed prematurely. As payback, Pitchford said he may hide secrets for players to find in the DLC.

"Seeing that this happened does make me want to hide some super juicy secrets in the DLC, though. If we do, we'll be sure to hide them really good, though, so it takes more than a day to find them," he joked.

"I wonder who will find them first?"