Divine Divinity/Beyond Divinity Retro Reviews

Thanks to the retro RPG-loving folks at Gamesmediapro, we have new reviews for Larian Studios' Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity to report about today. Both games score a 9/10, and here are their respective conclusions:
So to arrive at the conclusion of this title is to cut short what could well have turned into a novel of details surrounding this first-rate title from Larian Studio's. Even by today's standard of video gaming, Divine Divinity still looks as fresh and exciting as it first did all those years back, even though nearly a decade has gone by since the launch of this award-winning title, that turned out to be a firm favourite with gamers from all around the World.


With the game played out over what are five enormous area's you will have more than enough time to get used to the style of gameplay that is characteristic of Larian's Divinity Trilogy. With fan's of the series being in gaming heaven and even newcomer's to the franchise, and indeed genre, being catered for in the fantastic character creation and customization that is available to them, as well as first-rate gameplay that should be taught as a masterclass to all budding developers and game designers. Larian seem to understand what it is their customers crave with an eerie prescient precision that has you peering into your webcam and wondering if the thing is a two-way? At a time when it seems that the genre has been somewhat overtaken by simplistic storylines and gameplay so linear you could lay bricks along it, it is always welcoming to know that when you have this title in your gaming collection that you can always take a journey back to a time when developers cared more about content than they do about profit.