Alpha Protocol Reviews

Another half dozen reviews for Obsidian's Alpha Protocol are up on the web, and once again they range from depressing to hey-it's-not-so-bad.

San Jose Mercury News gives it a 3.0/5:
The graphics are mediocre and the game mechanics are not always reliable, creating frustrating moments. There are also occasional glitches that do things like have your character getting stuck in invisible walls.

Overall, this game lacks polish. I hope the studio makes a sequel, but I suggest you rent this one rather than buy it.

NonsenseGamer gives it a 7.5/10:
Alpha Protocol was a very hard game to review. I had to balance out story vs. gameplay, innovation vs. bug-filled gameplay, fun vs. controller throwing. At the end of the day, despite the annoying bugs and retarded AI, I still wanted to play this game. I wanted to have more conversations, wanted to see how the story progressed, and wanted to see what my choices caused or prevented. With a game that had gameplay as jacked up as this, it takes a lot of quality in other areas to keep you wanting more and Alpha Protocol provided it. If you want to play a poor man's Mass Effect and accept that the gunplay is going to suck, you will have a very entertaining time playing this title. If you are one of those whiney, annoying (elite) gamers who just want to bash the bad, take your ass back to Braid and Portal and shut up. Alpha Protocol was fun, entertaining, and obnoxious all at the same time, but the fun part far outweighed the negative.

Loot Ninja gives it a 1/5:
Essentially, everything in Alpha Protocol is sub-par. While this doesn't sound horrible, it is. The problem is that every time I play, I only see elements that other games have done much better. While I'm all for trying new games, I refuse to play through a game that feels like a so-so mix of everything I've played for the past two years.

Australian Gamer doesn't score it:
Despite all that, I can't honestly say Alpha Protocol is not engaging, I just had to learn to work within the games rules and flaws. Don't expect this to become as household among RPG fans as Obsidian's other titles but there are far worse ways to eat a weekend.

Unigamesity gives it a 3.5/5:
All in all, Alpha Protocol is a fun and solid game. It is not perfect as there are bugs and glitches as well as problems with the AI, but at the end of the day you'll agree that you had fun and you might even start it all over again and try to play the complete opposite, just to see what it happens. Therefore, we can agree that the game offers value for the money and it's one of the better games of the year, even if it won't win any major award.

And Gamesquad gives it a 6.0/10:
Alpha Protocol is an ambitious game, but maybe just a bit too ambitious. The stealth doesn't work well; it isn't a great looking game; there are a host of bugs; and the story can become hard to follow. But if a player is able to look past these problems, what they will see underneath is a game with some great RPG elements. I would highly recommend Alpha Protocol.once it hits the bargain bin or Obsidian has had a chance to push out a few much-needed patches. But until then, you might be better off spending your time watching Burn Notice.