World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Zone Preview

Ten Ton Hammer has whipped up their own zone preview for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, with this particular article covering the changes headed to Tirisfal Glades.
Moving northeast of the Zepplin towers players will find possibly the biggest change in the zone. Brill has undergone some amazing changes. Once a human town of old taken over by the Forsaken it was desperately in need of some serious repairs and it seems the Forsaken have finally taken the initiative and done just that. The once ramshackle village has been given a complete Forsaken upgrade. The buildings of Brill, while still the same in number, are bigger and have distinctly Forsaken architecture, however traces of the village's human past still linger in the building design.

A statue of Sylvanas now stands near the center of town, proudly proclaiming the loyalties of the local residents. Machines of war, including siege engines and plague machines, dot the town. Even the small tent covering the Trade Supplier has been given a Forsaken upgrade. The most exciting change, however (especially for low level players) is the addition of Brill's very own Bat Handler. The graveyard outside of Brill remains untouched, however it does look significantly better as the grass regains its health.