Disciples III: Renaissance Reviews

Kalypso and .dat's Disciples III: Renaissance is the subject of two more reviews, though neither one is as favorable as we might have hoped it to be.

RPGWatch hands out a 2/5:
I had read some of the Russian reviews (talk about an exercise in insanity -- reading Russian documents translated by Google) and could never quite understand the mixed emotions I was reading. They seemed to feel let down, yet they praised the game. You sensed they were uncomfortable saying critical things about the game. There was a sadness about the reviews.

As someone who loves Disciples II, now I get it.

While Cheat Code Central clocks in with a 2.6/5:
If you're absolutely incensed at the lack of challenge offered by the A.I., there is hope, but it is offered begrudgingly. The multi-player component allows you to play against other humans, taking turns of course, but not online and not through LAN but by using the same computer. It's called hot seat multi-player, because you have to give up your seat in front of the PC to accommodate the other players. It works, albeit painfully slowly, and may be the only thing that saves this game. I wonder why the developers gave this feature so little consideration. I guess it's in keeping with the rest of the game.