Dragon Age II Preview

If you're looking for some evidence that BioWare isn't, in fact, dumbing down their Dragon Age sequel, you probably aren't going to find any in this Comic-Con-based preview on TheGamersHub. Worrying accusations to follow:
The melee was a huge disappointment in the game. From what I can tell right now the main character in the game is Hawke and he is a warrior. Well at least in the demo this could change later in the games development. As I would switch between the mage and the warrior I could see that the focus was on the mage this time around. The warrior was like a bad kratos rip-off. The team at Bioware was going for the God of War feel for the game, but sadly missed by a mile. All I was doing was button mashing the X button, and used some spells every now and then, that were not needed at all. The animations for the warriors spells were awful. I mean they were just not given any detail. Yet like I said, (It's still early in development.) I'm praying for a change for the warrior.

You probably remember the classic dialogue system from DAO. You know it the character you would speaking to would say something and your protagonist would have a set of lines he could say to them silently and then the character would understand you perfectly. Well that system is gone. The Dragon Age team brought in the Mass Effect dialogue wheel with a little twist. There is going to he a little warning in the wheel that would let you know which ones are good, neutral, or evil. Not that it was hard to figure that out in Mass Effect: