Disciples III: Renaissance Reviews

Six more reviews of Disciples III: Renaissance carry us into the weekend, though there isn't a whole lot of consistency between them.

Hooked Gamers gives it a 7.8/10:
The game is not without its quirks but none of them detract from the overall appeal. Compelling lore, great storytelling, exceptional graphics, dynamic combat and multiple ways to develop your units keep the game fresh throughout the 60+ hours you will be spending with it.

Strategy Informer gives it a 6.0/10:
With the majority of the game revolving around that system, it's a shame that the developer couldn't polish things to a higher shine, as the rest of the material deserves at least a little better. For all its faults though, Disciples is certainly something unique, and the quality of the overworld sections and general strategising may well be enough for a crowd that will inevitably seek it out anyway. If that's you, you can add at least a point onto the score. For everybody else, your curiosity might pay off.

Guardian.co.uk gives it a 2/5:
Combat features imaginative locations that offer more than the usual bland hexes to stand on. Some offer bonuses to magic users, ranged or melee combat, making battles a satisfyingly tactical affair where both defensive and offensive formations have their merit. However, there are irritating lapses in logic. For instance, archers who can fire through solid rock, or heroes who die despite having an inventory crammed full of healing potions. Even worse, unlike some RPGs, D3R doesn't lay these challenges in a gentle learning curve. Very early on, my band of level 1 heroes found itself up against a level 33 Orc which proceeded to kick seven bells out of them every time.

Computer Games Romania gives it a 70/100:
In the end, Disciples III it worth a try, but I can't just say (go and play). It's full of technical flaws, some of them affecting the gameplay quite a lot. The story isn't that original either, using the most cliché races of all fantasy universes, with narrative (twists) that anyone who has ever played an elf game or watched Lord of the Rings can see coming from a mile away.

Softpedia gives it a 7/10:
Players will either love or hate this game depending on their luck. If they do not encounter many of the bugs that I have described above, then they will find a pretty refreshing and well done turn based strategy game that will give them many hours of fun, despite the lacking exploration maps and repetitively.

And GameShark gives it a "D+":
Truth is, everything that is novel about Disciples III was already in Disciples II, and the new stuff is basically a retread of features from other games. It's frustrating to see the path Akella took for the third and I will assume final game in this series, because the fans that remember the old games are likely going to fire this up and wonder just what in the world happened to the game that they loved, because this clearly is no longer it.