BioWare Confirms Development of a "Small Scale" MMO

During his keynote presentation at the Develop Conference this morning, BioWare's Greg Zeschuk revealed that the company is developing a "small scale" MMO and had actually been working on another Nintendo DS title before shelving it in favor of Mass Effect Galaxy on the iDevice. From Eurogamer:
"We're obviously working on Star Wars: The Old Republic, a big MMO. But we're working on smaller MMO type game games across the group - things all over the space.

"We explored lots of different kinds of games. We did some Facebook stuff. We did an iPhone game for Mass Effect. It wasn't the best one people point that out to us. We learned the hard way. The learning there was you have to iterate. The team went back and made some more games that we never released that were way better. Large scale MMOs. Small scale MMOs. We're going to continue to do triple-A console, but we're also going to be exploring pretty aggressively."


"The future isn't necessarily on console," Zeschuk said. "That's the past. It's going to be a strong thing going forward, but the future is in all of these new businesses that are starting up.

"There will be some stuff you'll see down the road, within the next year, that shows what we're doing in that regard."


"We want to expand because, you look at what kids are playing on. Kids are playing on iPhones and iPads. The 3DS looks pretty amazing. All these platform options, we want to be touching on all those. We did one DS game. We actually had another DS game in development at one point but decided to hold off on that and look at iPhone instead.
Based on his comments, it sounds like it might be an iPad MMO.