Disciples III: Renaissance Review

The reviews are slowly starting to trickle in for .dat's Disciples III: Renaissance, with the latest critique of the strategy/RPG sequel coming to us via Guardian.co.uk. The score is only a 2/5, but some of their nitpicks actually sound fine to me:
Combat features imaginative locations that offer more than the usual bland hexes to stand on. Some offer bonuses to magic users, ranged or melee combat, making battles a satisfyingly tactical affair where both defensive and offensive formations have their merit. However, there are irritating lapses in logic. For instance, archers who can fire through solid rock, or heroes who die despite having an inventory crammed full of healing potions. Even worse, unlike some RPGs, D3R doesn't lay these challenges in a gentle learning curve. Very early on, my band of level 1 heroes found itself up against a level 33 Orc which proceeded to kick seven bells out of them every time.
So the game doesn't hold your hand until you're ready for high level encounters? Sign me up!