Basilisk Games Interview

Mishmash Magazine is offering up an interview with Basilisk Games' Thomas Riegsecker, with the discussion covering both Eschalon: Book I and Eschalon: Book II before briefly heading into Book III territory. A snip:
The Eschalon series seems to be well-received by fans and critics alike. Do you have plans to continue the series with a third installment? And if things continue to go well, would you like to expand into developing other types of games as well?

TR - Definitely! We are very much looking forward to bringing the Eschalon trilogy to a close with the third game. After that, I want to move on to other ideas not related to the Eschalon universe. I personally want to do a Sci-Fi RPG using a new engine and possibly expand onto additional platforms. And while RPGs are what Basilisk Games is known for, I am not opposed to venturing into other genres if the inspiration strikes.

We are also going to release many of the tools we used to make Eschalon after the third game is out, so fans can continue to make their own adventures long after we've moved on to our next thing. I will certainly enjoy seeing what other people can come up with.
Thanks, RPG Codex.