Five Facts About Hawke In Dragon Age II

Game Informer precedes its upcoming magazine preview of Dragon Age II by revealing five facts on the main character, Hawke, clearing up some questions many had, and ending speculation that Hawke is Morrigan's child.
1. Hawke will be a voiced character.
Unlike Dragon Age: Origins, the player's character in Dragon Age II will be fully voiced. This opens the door for a more cinematic approach to dialogue and creates an identity for the character outside of the text you see on-screen. It also eliminates those awkward scenarios where you feel like your character should be reacting, but instead just stares blankly without so much as a grunt.

2. Hawke is human.
Yes, that means that you won't be able to select Hawke's race. However, just because that one aspect of Hawke's backstory is set doesn't mean BioWare is eliminating character creation. You can still choose your class and customize your appearance. When we visited BioWare's studio, we only saw (and heard) the male Hawke in action, but the team promises that players can select either gender for the character.
The other points are "Hawke didn't just survive the blight...he escaped it.", "Hawke is the Champion of Kirkwall." and "Hawke drives the story." There should be no question remaining that Dragon Age II is indeed taking pointers from Mass Effect II, if there was any doubt about that.