Mytheon European Closed Beta Signups and Media

UTV True Games and gamigo kicked over a press release today reminding us what the premise is behind Petroglyph's Mytheon while also pointing us to the signup page for the closed beta test.
Mytheon Topple the Rulers of Olympia

Hamburg, July 1, 2010 Today the games publisher gamigo and the North American company UTV True Games announced that they will be working together to bring the action strategy MMOG Mytheon to Europe. The game was developed by Petroglyph, whose founder created "Command & Conquer", one of the most successful real-time strategy game series. In Mytheon, players immerse themselves in Greek mythology and use power stones to defy Zeus and his gods.

Patrick Streppel, executive board member at gamigo, said (We are very excited to be working with UTV True Games. Mytheon is one of this year's MMOG highlights. Petroglyph has already proven what they are capable of with bestsellers like "C & C" and "Empire at War". Combine that with our experience as publishers are you've got a winning ticket for Mytheon's success.)

The player can choose from one of three character classes (Warcaster, Eidolon, Elementalist) and join a battle of truly epic proportions: protecting the existence of mankind on Earth. In order to be able to compete with the gods, players use power stones: stones that contain the mysterious essence known as Mytheon. They imbue their user with special abilities during combat. Only with the right strategy and the proper power stones will the player be able to take on the mighty rulers of Olympia.

Using these power stones, players can unleash powerful spells, summon dangerous creatures to accompany them in battle, or conjure structures that can strengthen or heal them. Players will find power stones during their adventures. They can also produce their own power stones, which can then be combined to create a deck, similar to a card game. This mixture of trading card game and action-packed role-play is a breath of fresh air in the world of MMORPGs.

Register now at for closed beta testing of Mytheon!
Additionally, there's a new trailer and a batch of new screenshots on offer at Voodoo Extreme.