Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms Impressions

After spending some time with Ubisoft's Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms at this year's E3, The Examiner shares their impressions of the browser-based MMO.
But Might & Magic Heroes Kingdoms doesn't throw you in the deep end right away. When you start the game, you'll be playing in a PvE environment while you learn the ropes, clear monster-infested areas out of your kingdom, and establish control and manage resources.

Every town radiates a 'zone of influence' that can be grown through economic prosperity and control, military domination, and/or honor. Honor along with wealth and experience is earned by defeating enemies.

All orders (actions) in the game require real time to complete, so as you queue up commands moving troops, recruiting heroes, or expanding into new areas, for example you will eventually reach a point at which there's nothing left to do but log out for a while and return to the game later.