Fallout: New Vegas Preview and Video Interviews

Happy Avellone day!  When you're finished taking in the new Fallout: New Vegas video interviews with Chris on G4 and GameSpot AU, you can stop by Gaming Union for another hands-on preview of the next post-apocalyptic installment.
The demo showed off one of the casinos in New Vegas called Tops, which has a more mob-controlled feel to it, but none of the other casinos like the Ultra-Lux, a flashy place but probably too expensive for my character, or Vault 21, a Vault-themed casino. The gambling fare inside is pretty standard, with blackjack, roulette, slots, and a new game called Caravan which wasn't available to try just yet. Afterwards we went out into the wastes to help out the NCR (a returning faction from Fallout 2) in a small outpost outside of town. Just after heading out we met up with one of the companions, Boon. Obsidian has added a new way to give orders to your NPC followers called the Companion Wheel. All you need to do is select the action on there and they do it, and it incorporates all the actions present in FO3 without having to keep hearing that opening line of dialog.

After arriving at the NCR outpost and getting to know each and every soldier there, we eventually got into some combat. It feels very much like Fallout 3, although the addition of the iron sights doesn't require you to rely on VATS as much and makes the combat feel much more FPS-like. Somehow, the NCR captain fell down and died. (Possibly because I shot him in the face) But this lead me to discover that there won't be any unkillable characters in New Vegas! Naturally, children are still exempt from this.